SipP Features

  • Four strategically placed holes for even better gripping. Most importantly, these holes act as an active air passage for better infant and toddler safety. Should this cap be lodged into the throat of a child sideways, these holes can provide the necessary air passage (opening for uninterrupted breathing) to save the child's life.
  • Turbo arms for support and cap appeal. For added safety, these arms are designed in a way that allows for air flow should the cap be swallowed by a child.
  • The outer diameter of the cap passes the infant choking tests.
  • Independent studies have shown that this cap has more appeal to toddlers than the current cap in the market place.
  • This cap works on all current filling machines in this market.
  • Optional biodegradable resin additive available upon request to make the spouts and caps totally biodegradable.
  • The SipP cap is patented under US Patent 8,443,999