Types of Bags

Side Weld, Wicketed, Bottom Seal, Valve Style, Cement, Side Gusset, Microwavable, Freezer, Specialty Food, Tamper Evident, Merchandising, Coffee Bags, Large Format

At Performance Packaging, all of our projects are customized for YOU, our customer. Because of this, you have many options available to accommodate your bag needs. Our bags are printed using state-of-the-art rotogravure printing presses and are available in many styles, such as: Side Weld Bags, Wicketed Bags, Bottom Seal Bags, Valve Style Bags (Cement Bags), Side Gusset Bags, Microwavable Bags, Freezer Bags, Specialty Food Bags, Tamper Evident Bags, Merchandising Bags, Coffee Bags, and Large Format Bags (for pet food, rice, etc.).

We have many finishing options available for our bags as well: Zippers, Vent Holes, Laser Score, Handles, and Hang Holes. Our bags are available in many films, such as: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cast-Polypropylene, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, Cellophane, Foil, Acrylic, Polyester (clear and metalized), PVDC, PVC Shrink, Nylon, and Bio-Degradable.

Retail Bags

We offer such a wide variety of retail bag options your choice is virtually unlimited! Our retail bags are made from the finest raw materials and hand craftsmanship. You can trust your quality products inside of our quality bags! What’s more, our bags will maintain or enhance the upscale image you have worked so hard to build. These products are a great way to promote brand awareness by customizing with your logo; a unique bag for your unique product.

Go green with The Best Bag®, a reusable, long-lasting, and machine washable bag that comes in a variety of colors.