The Best Bag®

Reusable Shopping Bags

The Best Bag has been designed with many features to provide the consumer with a long list of benefits.

Now approved by Los Angeles County, CA for their mandatory "LA County Carryout Bag Ordinance"

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There are many reasons why it is time for The Best Bag!!. The use of re-usable bags, such as The Best Bag, instead of disposable shopping bags provides substantial environmental benefits.
  • Re-Usable Shopping BagsRe-usable bags provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions, in both manufacturing and transportation, compared to their plastic disposable counterparts.
  • Re-usable bags provide a reduction in the amount of plastic waste going into landfills which have a very negative impact on both marine and wild life.
  • Did you know the “safe alternative” of paper bags uses almost four times as much energy and twenty times as much fresh water to manufacture than plastic bags?
  • There truly is only one sustainable bag …. The Best Bag!!