How Package Designers may Appeal to Consumers in the Future

Packaging Made of Milk or Mushrooms
October 25, 2016
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How Package Designers may Appeal to Consumers in the Future

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We have seen so much innovation in the world over the past twenty years, it is often hard to image what might come next.  A packaging company is not immune to the technological advancements.  Our market has been altered by a large degree because of the innovation put forth by brilliant minds.  However, we also know that these changes are not about to come to an end. We have only touched on what is possible, and we expect that we could see some truly amazing things in the next few years.

If You Lick it, You Buy It Sounds crazy, except perhaps in the bulk candy section, but soon this could be a sentiment that follows shoppers throughout the grocery aisles, as more and more edible options are made available to packaging designers.  Instead of the materials that pile up in landfills – plastic, Styrofoam, and certain forms of cardboard – we will soon see store shelves lined with food packaging products that are just as edible (and perhaps just as tasty) as the goods within.

Welcome to Your Interactive Grocery Store We may not be quite ready for wide scale grocery shopping online, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be bringing the Web with us while we shop.  In fact, we have already touched on this with grocery store apps, coupon services, and other such services.  However, we believe this will go much further as flexible packaging is used to transport information to smart devices, so the consumer that can learn all about the various products on the store shelves, receive special coupons, or keep a running tally as products are added to the cart.

These are just two of the amazing things that could happen, in large part because of the role of specialized packaging products that may soon be available.  Can you image the day that you are able to walk down streamlined aisles, without a cart, scanning the items that you want with your smart device, and then walking to the front where your total has already been calculated and your bags have already been packed?