Pixie Dust


We Call it..... Pixie Dust

Performance Packaging has launched an alternative aseptic process to sterilize flexible and rigid packaging, avoiding hot-filling, peroxide or peracetic baths and sprays, irradiation, pulsed light or electron-beam irradiation. The Patented process code-named "Pixie Dust" features a "liquid -to-gas" sterilization process and the company, based in Nevada, US, with clients including Russell Stover Candies, RW Garcia Foods, Tom Clark Confections and Baby Gourmet Foods, is now working with various companies to identify additional markets and partners.

Advantages of the Pixie Dust:

  • A low-cost process that features Generally Regarded As Safe Materials.
  • Results of process residuals that are below the FDA threshold of regulation.
  • Sterilization in liquid format can occur during storage or shipping and is achieved in less than 48 hours at room
  • Sterilization in other formats at a much more rapid rate at room temperature are being developed.

Pixie Dust beyond food packaging:

  • Performance Packaging is developing other sterilization protocols for the Medical and Dental device fields as well.