3 Great Examples of Fantastic Packaging

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May 19, 2016
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May 25, 2016

Every consumer can tell you about the products that make their way into their shopping baskets on a regular basis. These are usually items the customer will say he or she cannot live without. Many will also admit that the thing that first attracted them to the product was the brilliant way the item was packaged and presented. Here are three examples of fantastic packaging:

Whitman’s Candies (™Russell Stover Candies)


Whitman’s Candies’ famous samplers boxes pay homage the days of yesteryear when grandma had her living room couch and chairs covered with finely crafted cross stitch pillows. The script lettering on the front of the packaging invites consumers to try the contents with a nostalgia prompting font. This product speaks of comfort and the familiar.

Mrs. Fields Cookies (™Famous Brands International)


The personal script on the packaging for Mrs. Fields cookies tempts consumers to come closer for a personal invitation, seemingly handwritten by Mrs. Fields herself, into the kitchen to sample the moistest cookies ever baked. Bundling only eight cookies in the package lets the customer know these cookies are something special. The separately wrapped cookies inside can be savored one at a time, without worry that the others will go bad.

Coyote Gold Margarita (™ZwetFer, LLC)


The sleek, contemporary shape of the Coyote Gold Margarita bottle is perfect for display in a home or commercial bar where customers want to be introduced to the color of the contents before they imbibe responsibly. Logo coloring complements the natural ingredients inside the bottle and clear glass gives an honest and open look at a margarita mix crafted with no preservatives.

Practical and welcoming packaging not only catches the eye of the consumer, but asks the customer to judge the contents of the package by the investment made in the packaging itself.  Ready to create your perfect packaging? Contact us today.