How to Simplify Your Packaging Designs

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June 30, 2016
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July 12, 2016
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How to Simplify Your Packaging Designs

NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All the labels are faked by the photographer using his own photos. Thanks. Generic basic foods, packaged and fresh, grouped on a kitchen counter in the sunshine include canned foods, rolls, cereal and fruit.

New trends are emerging this year and probably the most popular is skimming down and simplifying packaging. The use of whitespace is also becoming increasingly more important. Although it can be difficult to accomplish, simplifying your packaging can have a huge impact on sales. Consumers enjoy a clean look and simple designs. Less is more is a great tag line for this type of design. Here are a few things to remember when simplifying your design.


If you are going to use color on your packaging, try and use only one or two colors and be sure they serve a purpose. Use a restricted color palette and limited tints. Be sure to carry your color use consistently throughout your packaging.


When attempting to design using whitespace, be sure that half of your area is open. While you are designing, you can even increase this amount. If you need some help, trying using a grid system to plan spatially and organize your design.


If you are only using a few design elements, be sure they are important. With simplifying your design, there will be no background noise; everything will be in the forefront. Be sure that every detail you add matters and says something important about your product or business.


Once you have completed your design, be willing to edit. You probably still have too many design elements or items that could be simplified even further. Create or choose a focal point. Be sure everything else supports this or brings attention to the focal point. Rid the design of everything that does not relate to the focal point. This is a great way to figure out what is important and what can be let go.

If you have a new product or just want to update your packaging for an existing product, think about using a simple design with your packaging. It can go a long way in connecting with consumers and increasing sales.