5 Great Examples of Effective Packaging

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November 23, 2015
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Packaging was once little more than an afterthought, simply a way to get the product to consumers. These days, though, most companies understand that good packaging is part of the marketing process. The right package gives your product a high profile you can trust again and again. What packaging should you consider? Consider these options.

Re-sealable Packages

The idea of having a package that is re-sealable for food products that need to be kept fresh was a brilliant concept when it was first created since it kept food fresh in its own packaging and people no longer had to worry about keeping food fresh once the package was open. It’s still a great option today, and people have realized that resealable doesn’t have to stick to the food market. It works well in a variety of other industries too.

Inverted Squeeze Bottles

The face of ketchup changed forever when Heinz introduced the inverted squeeze bottle in 2002, and they’ve never looked back. Many other industries, like the world of cosmetics, have since followed suit. Companies turn to this packaging style because it makes things far less annoying for consumers, a huge plus in packaging.

Cat Litter with Built In Handles

As any cat owner can tell you, a container of cat litter can be quite heavy since it’s often as heavy as 35 pounds.  This can make carrying a box of cat liter difficult so when the first cat liter container came out with a built in handle that made the container easier to carry, consumers rewarded those companies with their business.

Protective Seals

The idea of protective seals in packaging for food or medicine was a very effective packaging idea since it gave the public confidence in what they were buying.  Consumers now knew they could trust the product to be not tampered with and sales soon went up for those companies who used this packaging. It’s become regulation in some industries, and it’s just a good idea in many others.

Retro Packaging

Another effective packaging design look that has taken off is the retro look in packaging.  Often consumers want products that they perceive to be homemade or handcrafted.  This comes from their desire for freshness in food, trust in handcrafted products, or their belief that things used to be done better in the past. It’s a great way to promote your brand’s story, too!