How to Put Your Story Into Your Packaging

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May 25, 2016
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How to Put Your Story Into Your Packaging

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Every business has a unique story. Some start with friends from college, others are a family business started by sisters or cousins. This story is well known to employees, but not always to consumers. Many are curious about how their favorite product or service came into being. While no business can put their complete story onto their product, there are ways to share your story with consumers.

Did you start your company to help the environment? Are you marketing to environmentally minded consumers? If so, be sure your packaging is environmentally friendly. The recyclable symbol and a few short words about the importance of saving the environment can get your message across quickly and easily. It can also be a deciding factor for many consumers who want to do all they can to lessen their impact on nature.

Was your company started to help people with a problem or disability that someone in your family has? Many businesses are started because a family member needs something that is not yet on the market or is too expensive. If this is the case for your business, share this with your consumers. This will create a personal connection between your business and the customer.

One of the best and quickest ways to connect your story with your consumer is by a picture or graphic. This does not require much text and can be a symbol of your business. This can also make your products more recognizable to consumers. Don’t be afraid to make it eye catching so it is something your customers will not forget!

Every business wants to tell its story in a concise and clear way and many consumers are interested to hear how their favorite products came to be. By sharing your business’ story, you can connect with and create new customers.