Top Tuck Boxes: A Variety of Style Options

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May 4, 2016
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One of the single most common box styles many manufacturers choose for their products is the top tuck box, and for good reason. It’s one that’s well known to consumers, and it’s also fairly affordable. Despite that fact, though, there are several options just within that area you may not have considered. Take a look at a few now.

  • RTE: Known as the Reverse Tuck End style, the top closure tucks in from the rear to the front. The bottom closure is exactly the opposite. This is pretty cost-effective and is great when you’re working to reduce waste. They’re easy to assemble, and they store flat. If your product is heavier, though, they’re not the best choice, and they’re not always a very visually pleasing option.
  • STE: These are Straight Tuck end, and the tuck flaps for this one are both on the same side. The benefits here include the fact that they’re more visually pleasing, and they’re easy to assemble. It’s easy to load your product, but again, they’re not good for heavier products.
  • TTSLB: Top Tuck Snap-Lock Bottom boxes have a bottom closure that requires three distinct steps. That said, though, they’re easy to assemble, and they’re attractive to retailers because the package bottom is flat, so they sit well on shelves. They also work well if you have a heavier product. They’re fairly expensive to produce, though.
  • TTAB: Top Tuck Auto-Lock Bottom boxes have a bottom that pops open automatically. Putting the bottom together is simple, and the box itself works really well, even if your product is a bit heavy. The bottoms, though, do have to be glued, which can spell added expense.

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