Three Things Your Customers Want to See on the Packages

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October 4, 2016
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October 6, 2016
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Three Things Your Customers Want to See on the Packages

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Consumers are better educated than ever before, and grocery stores packed full of so many thousands of foods and beverages, means that they have plenty of options.  If you aren’t giving the consumer what he or she wants, then it is very likely that the competition will score the sale.

To help you ensure that your product packaging is more attractive than that of the competitors, let’s take a look at what consumers want to see today.

A Concise Message Forget the descriptors and trigger-words.  They are a waste according to the educated consumers today.  Food pouches should only include the most relevant, necessary information to tell the buyer exactly what can be expected from the food within.  Make ingredient labels easy to read, include pictures of the actual food within. These sorts of tactics are useful, honest, and transparent, which is exactly what the buyer wants from food product packaging today.

Make it Personal Coca Cola hit the nail on the head with the #ShareACoke campaign.  People love to see a product that speaks directly to them.  A bottle of soda that has their name on it takes that concept to a very literal level.  You don’t have to go so far, but you can make sure that your food bags are relatable.  Consider specialized packaging during holiday seasons, or consider offering personalized labels for special events with an interactive design studio on your website.  There are many ways to make your packages more approachable.

Mobile Friendly People are on the go more than ever before.  That means that they are often enjoying drinks and food while on the road, or very quickly between various commitments.  If your food packaging bags can accommodate that fast-paced lifestyle, then you have offered a very desirable advantage to the consumer.