10 Ways to Create an Eye Catching Design For Your Packaging

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February 26, 2016
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April 7, 2016
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10 Ways to Create an Eye Catching Design For Your Packaging

One of the first things a business should consider is how to present its products to consumers. Having high quality products is only half the battle. The other half is eye catching design for the packaging and presentation of the offerings. What is a business to do? Here are 10 tips for creating attention grabbing design for your packaging:

  1. Know your industry. Study the packaging for products in your industry. Learn what customers expect and step just outside the common box for those products.
  2. Don’t pinch pennies. Customers can tell when a company is more concerned about preserving the bottom line than presenting a well-funded effort at packaging.
  3. Be honest. Your packaging should never present your product as something it isn’t.
  4. Consider your font. Some fonts are more welcoming than others and a difficult to read font can spell doom for your product.
  5. Think practically. After the customer gets your product home, how will the package be used? Can it be tailored as a display? Is it easy to open?
  6. Make a personal appeal. Most consumers love personal attention and packaging that seems to be an individual craft is often well received.
  7. The clearer, more relatable, and more easily recognizable your packaging, the higher the likelihood the customer will seek out your product.
  8. Brand expansion. A design should be able to encompass various other products under the same line.
  9. Target your actual audience.Use images and colors and themes that will attract your target audience.
  10. Eco-Friendly.Use packaging that is good for the environment and that can be disposed of safely or recycled.

Packaging is your calling card to customers. Invest in this presentation that offers the introduction to what can be a lifelong relationship. Contact us today for the professional help you need fast!