How Impactful Is Your Packaging?

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April 5, 2016
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April 12, 2016
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How Impactful Is Your Packaging?

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Designing eye catching packaging is not the end game for companies seeking to reach consumers and make a place for their products inside consumer homes. Eye catching is a start, but for packaging to be truly effective, a company must examine how much of an impact their packaging is making on the consumer.

First, a consumer will assess packaging and try to figure out how the enclosed product will fit into his or her life. The item must allow for a relatively quick evaluation and the result must be the product making life easier or proving to be something the customer cannot live without. For instance, if the customer is the parent of young children, packaging for household cleanser that depicts images which are appealing to children may provide temptation for the children to handle the item. The result of this would be more difficulty for the customer, and not ease. This packaging, and as a result, this product, would not seem to fit into the life of the parent.

In the same way, a customer likes to know the packaging was an investment for the company. Someone looking for a high end item will not appreciate packaging that seems to be cheap. This will give an impression that the product inside the packaging is of low quality and not worthy of the consumer’s investment.

A potential customer should also be able to see a product and envision how he or she will use the item. If the packaging is for a practical item and yet the packaging is impractical, the consumer may not want to spend time figuring out how to get through the packaging and to the product inside.

Making an impact on potential customers through well considered packaging must be a goal for the business that aims to gain new fans and retain existing customers. The end game should be offering a product so innovatively packaged that the customer must purchase it.

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