The Advantages of Baby Food Pouches

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July 12, 2016
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July 14, 2016
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The Advantages of Baby Food Pouches

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For decades, baby food was only available in the classically-styled glass jars.  But, then several years ago, there were plastic containers, with snap tops were made available to new moms and dads, who were looking for something that was more easily transported when out and about, visiting friends and family, or while running errands.  And, then, even more recently, food pouches arrived on store shelves, and now parents have a decision to make.

The jars, of course, are eco-friendly, and there is an element of tradition tied to them that cannot be attributed to stand up pouches, but there are also many disadvantages of buying food in glass jars.

  1. They can break.
  2. Self-feeding baby cannot handle the jar.
  3. A spoon must be used to deliver food from jar (or plate) to mouth.

The plastic containers, developed by a packaging company, dealt with one of these issues.  No longer were the containers likely to break, but the snap lids could also pop off in a diaper bag, which would make for a tremendously large mess.  There was still the issue needing to bring a spoon along for feeding.

Pouch packaging answered all of the problems.  The packaging designers can create very kid-friendly design on the package, which can be easily handled by toddlers.  The spouts at the top allow for food to be consumed directly from the pouch, instead of relying on a spoon.  The flexible packaging is convenient for parents on the go, who may have to feed their kids in the car or in a stroller, due to busy schedules.  They aren’t breakable like the glass jars, the tops screw on an off, so there is less chance of spills in diaper bags, and they have a streamline design making them easy to stash in a small bag or purse.

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