Marketing 101: The Important of Great Product Packaging

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July 6, 2016
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July 13, 2016
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Marketing 101: The Important of Great Product Packaging

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One of the most important parts of the marketing plan, for any new product, is the package design.  This is the first thing the consumer sees, and therefore, is as important as what it contains.  After all, as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The food retail market is swamped with competition these days.  It’s harder than ever before to be found among the masses of new foods, beverages, and snacks.  However, through proper cooperation with your packaging manufacturers, you can get the look that is sure to capture the attention of buyers.

This isn’t a place to skimp, however.  After putting ample amount of time, effort, and capital into the product, too many companies make the mistake of trying to get away with cheap food product packaging.  If the package is what the consumer sees first, and uses as a primary way to judge the worth of your product, then your product is no better than the package that contains it.  Therefore, cheap plastic pouches, in the consumers’ eyes, likely translates to a cheap, unworthy food within.

That isn’t to say that you can’t get great packaging without breaking the bank.  It simply means that you should be prepared to invest properly in your packaging designers and the pouch packaging that will make your product look as great as it is.

The trouble, especially in this day and age, is that the marketing experts become overly concerned with digital advertising, and therefore throw a huge portion of their marketing budget at it.  That means there is less to spend on proper packaging of the food or beverage.  Yet, even the best advertising isn’t going to sell a product that doesn’t appeal to the consumer.

So, remember, as you lay out the new marketing plan, 65% of customers admit that they have tried a new food or beverage just because of the packaging.