The Brilliance of Kashi’s New Packaging

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October 13, 2016
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October 19, 2016
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The Brilliance of Kashi’s New Packaging

Winneconne, WI, USA - 18 Nov 2015: Box of organic Kashi heart to heart oat flakes & blueberry clusters that is part fo the NINGMO project.

There are three things that Kashi Foods was attempting to do with their most recent food packaging design:

#1. Engage the Consumer

#2. Highlight the Organic Nature of Their Products

#3. Show a Support for Made in the USA

They managed to do all three with one simple strategy – call attention to the farmers that make it possible for them to fill their boxes, food bags, and other flexible packaging with organic, natural foods.

The pictures of these farmers are inviting, and tell a story in their own right.  The photos make the product more approachable, more human, and that is something that make consumers take notice.  In a day and age where so much human contact is removed by technology, there does seem to be an interest in forming real connections.  Beneath the picture is the story of the farmer, and the farm, from which the foods used in the product were harvested.  Story telling on product packaging has been highly successful in the past, and we believe it will be even more so in this instance, because it is a story of organic, all-natural, healthy ingredients – exactly what consumers want to find in convenient pouch packaging and boxes today. Furthermore, it concretes the fact that this company is supporting the ‘home grown’.  They are buying their raw ingredients from the USA.

It’s not just the picture and the story on the back of the box that will appeal to consumers, it is also the new, simplified design on the front that will catch the eye.  Packaging designers are no longer working to fill every inch of the boxes and bags with design.  Instead, they are trying to appeal to the consumers’ love of minimalism.  Kashi has done that brilliantly with a simple color scheme, and only the most essential design components.