Budweiser Reminds People Of the Importance of Packaging

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July 21, 2016
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Budweiser Reminds People Of the Importance of Packaging

Los Angeles, California, USA - July 1, 2013: Budweiser, the quintessential American beer, issues beer cans commemorating July 4th. The beer stays cool on market shelf while on display.

Packaging is an extremely important part of your marketing plan.  If you haven’t been treating it as such, then you are missing out on many of the advantages that food bags can bring to your company.  Remember, the package is the first thing that the consumer sees and that is why our packaging designers are so thorough and thoughtful about their work.

Consider one great example of how packaging emphasizes the intended message and motto of your company.  Budweiser, an American beer brand is very well known.  It has a significant customer base, and one that it is not likely to lose hold of anytime soon.  There is, after all, a sort of loyalty in the beer market.  Nevertheless, there is a changing trend in this industry, which the company is all too well aware of, which is why they went back to the drawing boards with their packaging manufacturers and designers, and came up with a new, seasonal approach to their can design.

The changing beer movement, of course, can be attributed to the rise of small, local breweries, which are drawing larger audiences than ever before.  Customers are falling for the “home grown hops” and local flavors.  Budweiser wasn’t about to be turned off by the new form of competition, though.  This is a company that has long celebrated the fact that its beer is an American beer.

So, the company started to consider how beverage and food product packaging could be more patriotic, ensuring that consumers are aware that this is a beer made right here, on American soil.  This summer, the cans will literally be emblazoned with ‘America’, as well as meaningful, patriotic statements (i.e. home of the brave).  In addition to reaching out to those who are in favor of home-grown beers, they are expected to see a spike in sales during the Olympics, when Americans seek all things patriotic, in support of the country’s athletes.

It is quite clear that packaging is very important.  You have to figure out what you want your message to be, and then make the food pouches work for you.