The Evolution of Modern Product Packaging

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July 20, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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The Evolution of Modern Product Packaging

Peyton, Colorado, USA - December 30, 2014: A vertical shot of a selection of frozen green bagged organic vegetables in an opened freezer drawer.

Graphic design was born in a period of historical transition.  The Medieval period of was giving way to renewed growth and prosperity, which would come to be known as the Renaissance. And it was then, in that transition period that the beauty of graphic design was recognized.  Package designers can thank the people of that era for everything they know and love today.

Graphic design started in the book industry.  Illustrations, ornamentations, and page layout became an important part of appealing to the readers.  But, by the mid-1500s, names and designs were beginning to appear on food product packaging as well.

Today, consumers are more attuned to the look and function of packaging than ever before.  Some experts blame the technology age, and the ever improving look and function of high tech products.  Others believe it is in the interest of personal health and development that consumers look so closely at boxes, food pouches, and other packaging.  Whatever the reason, it is clear that the container must be as attractive as the food that it holds. The ironic part is that with the greater attention to package design, there is an equally great desire for simplicity.

It is said that the consumer can connect better with simple designs, in today’s society, because they associate the lack of flash and pizazz with a transparency on the part of the company.  In other words, a person may feel that they can better trust the brand that have simplistic food bags designs, that don’t overdo the use of color, text, and other visual elements.

It makes sense.  Social media and the internet have broken down the walls between manufacturer and customer.  Yet, they have also removed the personal aspect of shopping, so consumers are looking for companies that understand them, that take their desires into consideration, and who aren’t trying to hide from view.

In order to understand the consumer, you, representing your brand, must know who that person is.  That means defining a niche and working with packaging designers who know how to speak to that market segment.