Build Brand Loyalty with Performance Packaging

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August 4, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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Build Brand Loyalty with Performance Packaging

Brand loyalty is harder to come by these days, more difficult to achieve these days.  The internet and social media have made it very easy for consumers to research the alternatives, the competitors, and that means that efforts to secure brand loyalty can never slow.

It isn’t just the online efforts that are important.  A lot can be achieved in the store, with the use of displays and even with product packaging.  Work with the right packaging designers and you can achieve a great deal.  When the pouch packaging is part of a bigger, consistent in-store experience, it can lead the way to the loyalty you seek.

Consider these methods of ensuring brand recognition, and the first steps in developing brand loyalty.

In-Store Signage Great pouch packaging can make your product stand out on the shelf, but the level of attention paid to the product can be greatly increased with the use of signage.  However, be sure that you are taking an innovative approach to the package design and to the look of your signs.  Customers value innovation and creativity, so much so that they may feel a greater attachment to your product line, if you provide them with an unexpected visual experience.  Signage can appear in many formats within a store as well – end caps, free-standing displays, counter mats, and more.

Creating a Trade Show Look Whether in the store or on display at a trade show, a great, consistent, creative look can go a long way toward attracting the eye. Be sure to incorporate your logo, your brand name, and a uniform look on each and every item in your display.

Bridge the Gap Between in-Store and Online While brand loyalty may be harder to achieve, the technology age has made it easier than ever to reach out to consumers on a personal level – even consumers that reside hundreds- or thousands of miles away from you.  There are many ways that you can engage with consumers, via smart devices, while they are in the store, thereby amplifying their shopping experience.  Digital signage, company-specific hashtags, instant online coupons, location-specific deals, and more can be used to develop a relationship between customer and brand.