Creating Packages That Appeal to Mom, Safe for Kids

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September 21, 2016
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September 27, 2016
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Creating Packages That Appeal to Mom, Safe for Kids

There has been a big movement among packaging designers, who are seeking to create products that appeal to new moms.  This is a tremendous market.  Moms are regularly seeking the best products for their infants and toddlers.  They are willing to spend good money to get the best for their young children.  Therefore, it makes sense that food bags, boxes, bottles, and tubes would feature very mom-friendly designs.

It’s not so much about the look of the flexible packaging as it is about the user-friendly nature.  New moms are busy, often on the go, and frequently tired due to lack of sleep.  They want products that are easy to open, easy to use, easy to store, and easy to bring along.  This explains the success of food pouches.  As a replacement for the classic baby food jar, these pouches were brilliant.  They offered new moms an easy way to transport the baby food, but also a convenient way to deliver the food to their babies.  The squeezable function was outstanding, but the original tops proved to be potential choking hazards.

There lies the other consideration for designers of baby-friendly food product packaging.  In fact, this extends to the medical industry as well.  These products are necessary, and new moms are ready and willing to buy, but the safety factor must be considered. New blister pack, pill dispensing packaging has been designed for this reason, and baby food pouches now feature tops designed to prevent the choking hazard.

These considerations, and others, are good reason to work with professional designers.  This will help to ensure that you release a product that is both attractive to the parent, and safe for the child.  After all, when this is your market, caring for the child means watching the growth of tomorrow’s loyal consumers.