Creative Award Presented for Bread Packaging

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August 31, 2016
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September 6, 2016
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Creative Award Presented for Bread Packaging

Closeup of late 20's attractive blond woman buying some food in local supermarket. She's reaching for a certain product placed on wooden shelf.The woman is wearing blue jeans and casual shirt with yellow t-shirt underneath. Low angle shot, side view. Toned image. Tilt shot.

The 53rd American Package Design Awards were just presented after the organization received more than 2,000 entries in a number of different categories.  One of the winners might surprise you.  It was not a new and trendy product, a highly innovative approach to packaging, or even one with a design completely unfamiliar to today’s market.  The winning company received its award for creating plastic food bags to be used for fresh breads and rolls.

The hotdog rolls’ packaging was a big hit with the judges and we think that there are a few clear lessons that can be learned from them, in case you will soon be designing your own flexible packaging.

Fonts That Demand Attention The font selected for this food product packaging was large and loud.  It was not going to be easily overlooked, even on the busy store shelves.  Though there has been movement toward simple designs in recent years, large fonts are certainly not out of bounds for packaging designers.

Classic Color Scheme There has been a lot of play with color in recent years, as well, however, this company showed that the classics can still hold their own.  The yellow and red combination is a powerful one, associated with a few of the longest lasting brands as well.  This just goes to show that you should very carefully consider your own use of color.

Clearly Defined Edges This is a big point and one that many DIY designers overlook.  The separation between colors can be made much clearer when black is used to outline the various shapes.  This makes it easier for the eye to process, which is a good thing when you are trying to attract the busy grocery shopper.

Appeals to a Specific Audience The rolls were packaged in a manner that would appeal to those looking forward to the favorite American pastimes associated with summer – grilling, picnicking, and tailgating.