Five Habits of Great Package Designers

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August 30, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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Five Habits of Great Package Designers

You can certainly create your own designs to be used in the package printing, rather than relying entirely on packaging designers, but you may want to consider these habits of successful graphic artists, if you find that you are having more trouble than you had thought you would.

  1. Don’t Settle For the First Concept – Ever!

It is very tempting to sit down and draw out a design, then pass it along to the food bag manufacturer for printing.  However, most find that they can really create something much better if they take some time to think about it.  The best plastic pouches designers will throw out half a dozen ideas or more before they develop a final concept.  In fact, some practice the unwritten rule of throwing out a specific number of ideas, to ensure that they give each and every project their very best effort.

  1. Doodle Thoughts

Set a timer and get ready to draw.  The goal is not to create a finished design, but rather to write and draw everything that comes to mind when thinking about the brand.  These doodle thoughts can really get a designer’s mind focused and can inspire brilliant concepts.

  1. Work in a Creative Space

While design work could, technically, be done from the artist’s home, most creative personalities find that they want to be in the studio, out in public, or with other people when they are creating new designs.  Really, what they are seeking inspiration, and that isn’t typically found in a cubicle or even in the home office.  Go to a place that inspires you, whether that is beside a babbling brook or in the local coffee shop.

  1. Listen to Music

When it is time to create a new graphic design for use on flexible packaging, the designer will often set up the space, turn on the music, and then sit down to create.  Why?  Music has been showed to increase brain activity and to inspire creativity.  It makes sense that it could help you too!

  1. Use Different Creative Media

Today, it can be very tempting to reach for the computer or tablet when setting out to create a new product packaging design, but many of the greatest graphic artists like to have access to many different types of media – pencils, paint, ink, or even clay – when they are creating new designs.  Moving from one media to another can get the creative juices flowing.