Making the Most of the Food Truck Movement

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September 28, 2016
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October 4, 2016
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Making the Most of the Food Truck Movement

Owner and cook posing inside their food truck, parked in the street.

There are many wedding trends that come and go as the years pass.  Some of these are short-lived, but others take on a life of their own, becoming a sort of tradition.  The food truck concept is one that many brides-to-be are embracing with arms wide open.  They love the concept of offering their guests a selection of different foods in such a fun, and modern way.

The food truck movement has been so profound, that many of the owners and operators have been featured on popular television shows, and there are competitions aimed at finding the best of the best.  Like many trends in this world, your brand can use this to its advantage.

According to Packaging Digest, the food truck industry is expected to be worth a whopping $2.7 billion within the next two years.  That is an impressive sum, but you don’t have to have your own food truck to profit from the trend.  You can work with packaging designers to create your own food truck-inspired designs, which just might appeal to those who have fallen for this wedding-day concept.

If you do this effectively, your food bags will stand out on store shelves, but may also draw in the engaged crowd.  That is to say that your designs could land you on the wedding planning list.  Those stand up pouches that you are so proud of just may be found on the tables at an upcoming wedding reception.

Even with the food trucks providing the main meal, there is generally a need for snacks at such an event.  Your flexible packaging, if it plays on the food truck idea, could work well within the wedding day theme created by the bride-to-be.

You must consider, when planning your packaging printing, what makes food trucks so immediately evident to a passerby.  Consider how you can reinvent those design concepts on your brand’s flexible packaging.