Reaching an Environment-Friendly Audience

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September 27, 2016
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September 29, 2016
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Reaching an Environment-Friendly Audience

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Have you considered how very much the look of your product packaging matters to the consumer?  While many brand representatives will focus heavily on the imagery used to cover the food bags, there are many who overlook the importance of color.  In yet another study, researchers looked at how important sustainability was for consumers.  Those faced with a choice between the brightly-printed white bag or the food pouches printed in the color of recycled paper, would more often than not choose the latter.

Consumers want to believe that they are serving the environment with the choices that they make in their homes, outdoors, and even in the grocery stores.  That leads them to choose items off the shelf that appear to be more eco-friendly, even when there is no discernable difference in materials used prior to package printing.  While the goal is never to truly deceive the consumer, there is reason to pay close attention to trending color- and design trends.

So, if you are trying to win over the eco-minded individuals with your healthy snack foods or baby products, consider carefully the way that you design your flexible packaging.  There are numerous ways that you can use the research to your benefit.

Color Of course, we mentioned before, but color really does matter.  Of course, browns, greens, sky blue, and off-whites are closely associated with the organic movement.  They have also been tied to environmental causes, which means that they are favored by those who want to do right by the world.

Feel It isn’t just the color, but the feel of the packaging that will influence those seeking “green” products.  Avoid slick, shiny surfaces, if this is your intended audience.  Instead, work with packaging designers to create pouch packaging that has a matte surface.

Recycle Whenever possible, use packaging materials that are recyclable.  Highlight this fact on the packaging, so consumers are aware that you are also eco-minded.