Selling Your Packaging to Retailers

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April 28, 2016
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May 4, 2016

Your packaging can often be the key to getting your product in a store, but selling your creative ideas to retailers isn’t always quite as easy as you think it’s going to be. How can you make sure your products make it to the store shelves of the retail outlets you most want to be part of? These tips can help.

  • Make sure you’re offering something unique: Remember that retailers look at thousands of new ideas every single day. You have to “wow” them to make it on those store shelves. If you hit that perfect niche or you’re going to be the leader in a new trend, though, it’s far easier to sell that idea. Don’t get so unique, though, that you aren’t relevant any longer, as that can scare retailers as much as anything else.
  • Offer a bigger value: Retailers understand that consumers are looking for a huge value spike, and if your packaging can offer that, you’re going to hit store shelves faster. Whether you have something that is more functional, fun to use, or has a much deeper lifespan thanks to the packaging, it’s going to be a win, even if your price point is a bit higher than others. Keep in mind that even green improvements count here, so if you have an environmental story that customers might buy into, that can certainly be part of the equation.
  • Keep the retailer in mind: Don’t forget to cater to particular retailers. Understanding that their long term goals involve reaching their particular target market is a must when you’re trying to hit their shelves. Do some homework about typical shelving dimensions, layouts, and more so that you can build a better pitch.

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