Should You Incorporate Artwork Into Your Packaging?

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April 12, 2016
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April 19, 2016
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Should You Incorporate Artwork Into Your Packaging?

Detail shot of the workings of a printing factory. The commercial designs displayed in this image represent a simulation of a real product and have been changed or altered enough by our team of retouching and design specialists so that they are free of any copyright infringements

Many studies cannot seem to agree on an exact number, but estimates show that on the low end, consumers see an average of 300 to 500 marketing images each day. This conservative estimate takes into account the fact that most people filter out a certain number of images confronting them and only process those that stand out the most. The information changes constantly and many companies are left with many questions, including, “Should we incorporate artwork in to our packaging?” Three points to consider are:

What would the artwork look like? Including artwork in packaging is not simply finding an interesting picture and plastering it on products. Effective artwork should blend seamlessly with the entire design of the packaging. The image should be recognizable and not too busy and yet speak to the target audience for your product.

What will it cost to incorporate images? Marketing comes with an expected price tag; however, some other costs are not financial in nature. Make sure incorporating the images will not result in environmental costs, such as having to use more materials to make the packaging to accommodate the image size.

How does the artwork speak to who we are as a company? Any images you want the customer to link to your company should, in some way, tell the customer who you are as a company. Random images that do not tie in to your company values or practices will not do much to create a relationship in consumers’ minds.

It is important to note that in a seemingly endless sea of images, consumers will only process those of certain brands. Calculating whether or not yours will be one of them is difficult, especially given that there is much more than simple numbers at play. However, incorporating sharp and meaningful artwork into your packaging can help to build a lasting place for your brand in the consciousness of consumers.