When is it Time to Meet with your Packaging Designers Again?

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June 29, 2016
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July 6, 2016
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When is it Time to Meet with your Packaging Designers Again?

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Certainly you have noticed that even the biggest names in retail change their packaging design from time to time.  While you may have a package that has been working for you for years, and you may hesitate to invest in something new, there are times when it is a good thing to switch up your look.  So, when is it time to change the look of your food pouches?

Years Have Gone By Product packaging, like people, should shift with the changing of times.  There is a reason that women aren’t wearing beehive hairdos and men aren’t donning top hats any longer.  As the trends shift, so do our looks, and the same must really apply to packaging. If it has been several years since your product had a figurative facelift, then it may be time to go back to the drawing boards, before you lose the attention of your customer base.

You Have a New Audience in Mind Whether it is because your old customer base has aged and reached a new point in life that no longer requires your product, or just because you want to expand your reach, a new audience often means a new look.  So, if you are reaching out to a new niche or there has a big shift in the population of that niche, then plan a sit-down with the packaging designers.

You Sell Seasonal Foods With the shift of seasons, you may want to consider updating your packaging, particularly if your line of offerings shifts with the various growing seasons.  This might apply to your entire product line, or it may just be for the specialty (limited time) items.  Either way, when the season shifts, it may be time to take a closer look at the packaging.

A New Movement Gains Traction When the organic movement, the gluten-free trend, the obesity scare started to take form, many companies were forced to rethink the message that they were expressing to their consumers, as well as how their packaging spoke to those individuals.  Often, the product already fit the needs of the consumer, but until the packaging design was updated, that message wasn’t being properly portrayed.  When new consumer trends sweep across the market, it is definitely worth considering an updated design.