Solving Problems with Packaging Innovation

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October 6, 2016
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October 12, 2016
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Solving Problems with Packaging Innovation

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There are many instances when a marketing manager can benefit from a conversation with packaging designers.  They may just find that by discussing the issues that consumers, or that they themselves, are facing, they can create a design for their food pouches that truly pleases everyone.  Problem solving is part of the job description for designers, and that has led to some true innovation when it comes to functional, flexible packaging.  There was a recent example of this in the news.

The Problem: According to the reports, associated with this innovative package printing, there was a big problem that was negatively impacting the consumer and the manufacturer of the product – counterfeiting.  Unfortunately, with each sophisticated step the company made, copycats were able to make the same.  The counterfeit products looked so convincingly like those designed by the packaging company, that consumers were mistakenly buying the wrong thing and were less than pleased with the product within.  The manufacturers, of course, saw a major hit to their bottom line as a result of business stolen by the copycats.

The Solution: The obvious answer was to create something that couldn’t be as easily replicated.  However, that require some real ingenuity.  They managed it though.  The new packaging techniques are much harder to mimic, because they feature glow in the dark ink, which glows under ultra-violet lights.

The Added Benefit: Obviously, the biggest concern was creating a look that couldn’t be easily replicated.  But, there are certainly other advantages that come with this fabulous new design.  For one thing, they can now set up fun and funky store displays that capture the audience’s attention.

The Lesson Learned:  The best packaging – the best food bags and pouch packaging – should be attractive, but should also resolve problems for the consumer and for the manufacturer.  That means developing a design that is both fun and functional.