Why are our SipP caps so popular?

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June 15, 2016
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June 21, 2016

Packaging is always changing. By listening to the consumer, we can create packaging that is both functional and smart. Safety is always a huge concern and one of the most important aspects of our SipP caps. There are four strategically placed holes for better gripping, and most importantly, for enhanced safety. These holes act as active air passages in the unfortunate case an infant or toddler should swallow one. These air passages could save a child’s life if the cap would become lodged in their throat.

Also, with safety in mind, we use turbo arms for support and cap appeal. These are designed to let air flow should the cap be swallowed. The outer diameter of the cap passes the infant choking test. We take safety seriously, and want to create products that meet a customers needs and safety.

Independent studies have shown that the SipP cap has a greater appeal to toddlers than the regular cap that is in the market place. It also works on all current filling machines in the market. The SipP cap is patented under US Patent 8,443,999.

If you are environmentally conscious, please note that there is an optional biodegradable resin additive available to make the spouts and caps completely biodegradable. With this addition, the caps are not only safe and very functional, but environmentally friendly as well.

Safety is always a main concern, and the SipP cap was designed with safety first in mind. It is important for packaging to be both functional and appealing. Packaging is how the consumer is introduced to your product and business. Always show off your product by using the latest in safety and functionality. The SipP cap brings both to your product and can also show the consumer you are environmentally conscious by using the biodegradable resin additive.