Tips for Sustainable Package Design

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April 19, 2016
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April 26, 2016

A progressive company recognizes the need to help protect the environment and slow down on the destruction of natural resources. Much of this is easier said than done. However, one area where a business can implement its dedication to the survival of the planet is through sustainable package design.

Sustainable package design is developing packaging that not only originates from ethical sources, but also may use resources that will not be depleted or will not cause environmental harm. Here are three tips for creating sustainable packaging:

Consider how the package may be repurposed. Once a consumer gets a product home, being able to use the packaging other ways can be a huge household help. For instance, if the container can be used for storage after the product is spent, the customer is more likely to appreciate that brand and remain loyal to it for the ease the product and packaging bring to household management.

Think about ways the package can take up less space. Customers rarely wish to use most of their living space to store products. Reducing the size of packages can help the customer maintain order. This reduction will also lessen business production costs because there is less material being used.

Consider the entire life cycle of packaging components. The packaging process from beginning to end can often be evaluated and improvements can be made in small increments to improve sustainability at each level. Thinking in terms of the bigger picture can also prevent making changes to design that result in less environmentally responsible repercussions in another area of packaging.

Creating optimal sustainable packaging may not happen overnight, but taking steps in a positive direction can yield great rewards for a company. Not only will customers appreciate the outward show of responsibility, but some of the changes may improve the use of the product and increase customer loyalty.