Designing Your Packaging for Millennials

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June 16, 2016
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June 22, 2016
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Designing Your Packaging for Millennials

If you are marketing a product to the millennial generation, then you will definitely have to put a good deal of consideration into your collaboration with talented packaging designers.  Millennials are a generation of consumers who have very specific requirements of the products that they purchase and their ultimate decision of whether to buy or not to buy will likely be determined based on the design of your food pouches.

Go Green If you aren’t thinking in terms of environmental-friendliness, then you are already missing your mark with your intended audience.  Seven out of every ten millennials consider themselves to be eco-friendly.  That means that they are seeking products that are ‘green’ and they will determine how environmentally sound the product is based on how it is packaged.  This is a generation that has already earned a great deal of money for environmental causes and they are far more likely to give your food a try if the food bags portray an eco-conscious design.

Be On-the-Go Friendly This is a generation that doesn’t sleep.  Actually, a large percentage of them literally admit that they don’t sleep enough, because they are always on the go.  That means that they need products that are user-friendly, fast and portable.  So give it to them with the food packaging bags that contain your products.

Show Some Creativity Don’t try to mimic the look of the big brand names.  That isn’t want the millennials want.  In fact, they are considered the least brand loyal generation.  Instead, they seek creative designs, trendy products, and inexpensive options.  Create a great look with your package designers that is both attractive and cost cutting, and you may just find success in this niche.

Give Them Some Say Millennials are very social, and because they were raised with the internet, they don’t feel removed from the manufacturers anymore.  In fact, they like to have a bit of say in how things are made, packaged, and sold to them.  So, give them a chance to help you choose your design.  After all, there is nothing as valuable as the feedback from your intended audience.