Why Opt for a Stand-Up Pouch Instead of Box for Your Food Product

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June 22, 2016
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Why Opt for a Stand-Up Pouch Instead of Box for Your Food Product

A designer friendly clear coffee pouch surrounded by delicious roast coffee beans. Ready for your spiffy label and label design!

Trying to decide whether your food product would be best suited in a cardboard box or a plastic food pouch?  Let us help you make your decision.

There are many reasons why food bags and food pouches are becoming so popular today:

Cost Savings Putting food in a cardboard box often means including a plastic liner as well.  Even if it doesn’t, the cost to print a design on the six-sided boxes is generally more expensive than what it takes to print stand up pouches, which are just two-sided.  And, of course, there is the time and effort that goes into the assembly to consider as well.  Less money spent on package printing means more profit on each sale.

Storage is Simpler Food pouches can include a hole punched at the top of the packaging to allow for easy hanging.  That means that they can be stacked on the shelf or hung, depending on the space restrictions of the grocery store.  Providing stores with this alternative often means that your product is more easily seen and explored by the consumer.  It also means that the end user will likely find them easier to store as well.

Customizable Surface A cardboard box is a cardboard box.  It has definite design limitations.  Today there are many flexible packaging alternatives, which allow you to be super creative with the way that you present your product to the consumer.  Today’s shoppers have certainly demonstrated that they are willing to pay for creative design.

Increased User-Friendliness Pouch packaging has made it possible to create truly user-friendly food products.  They can be resealable, they can feature the previously mentioned hang holes, they can stand up on their own or be conveniently laid down to safe space in a pantry, bag or purse.  Pour spouts can make it easier to divvy out single portions, and there are many other ways that these packages can be tailored to best suit the product contained within.