Different Products – Same Brand

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August 24, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Different Products – Same Brand

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Even the biggest brands have to continue to work to maintain customer loyalty.  It is far too easy for other brands or product alternatives to swoop in and take over the market, leaving a company in a very sore position.  Coca-Cola is no exception to this rule.  It is true that this is a billion dollar business, but much of the money earned each year on the product lines is reinvested in the purpose of marketing.

This is a company that has consistently played with their image, redesigning their cans, bottles, and boxes to ensure that they aren’t just keeping up with customer tastes and trends, but that they are staying ahead of that curve.  There is much to learn from this company when you are considering the launch of your own beverages, or when deciding whether or not it is time to redesign your food product packaging.

As for Coca-Cola, they haven’t slowed their efforts.  Their packaging products are amount to receive yet another makeover, only this time, the design is really being pulled from the archives.  In an era that has a deep appreciation for retro design, it makes perfect sense that Coke has reached back in time to embrace, once again, the 1930’s red disc, which was originally created by hand.

The red disc is not just making a comeback for vintage appeal.  The company also recognized the importance of maintaining brand consistency across their line, across the line for any brand when undergoing package printing.

By including the red disc on several of the various Coke products, the company can reinforce the brand.  There are four distinct products that will receive the new red disc:

Coca-Cola Original: This can (and bottle label) will have the red disc, and will maintain its red-heavy theme.

Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke): This can (and bottle label) will have the red disc, but the accents will be silver.

Coca-Cola Life: This product is a low calorie option for Coca-Cola lovers.  It is sweetened with a combination of Sugar and Stevia.  This can (and bottle label) will have the red disc, but will be accented with lime green.

Coca-Cola Zero: This can (and bottle label) will have the red disc, but will be accented with black.